We have solutions for different sectors.

It is the most complete solution for the care of grains stored in silobags. This spear-shaped device is fully inserted into the silobag, recording CO2, temperature and humidity. Each has GPS and motion alerts. Free of maintenance and autonomy superior to 3 years.

It is the most complete solution for the measurement of cold rooms or data centers, recording of temperature, humidity and door opening. Free of maintenance, very easy installation and autonomy of up to 10 years.

 UAir Pure
Our solution monitors in real time the correct ventilation of all environments, providing a traffic light: Green: correctly ventilated, you can enter. Yellow: Requires ventilation, can be entered. Red: Ventilation required, entry is not recommended. Ideal for offices, industries, schools, restaurants and common meeting or meeting places.

See how UTelemetry can provide you with the solution that best suits your needs. UTelemetry is a manufacturer and developer of all hardware and software, this means that we can customize our IoT technology to provide you with the solutions that best suit your business.

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